At Ruspa Creative we are passionate about design. Whether it’s branding, web, print design or something more personal like invitations or stationery, we know that good design is key. With over 10 years experience in both the commercial and charity sector, making everything from branded materials and web content to bespoke artwork and promotional material, we care about every piece of work we’re involved with and want to work closely with you to create the perfect design.


High-quality, bespoke and user-friendly design can all too often come at a high cost. We believe that creating unique, personalised, high-end design doesn’t have to be reserved for those with big budgets.


We like to give the power of your design back to you. If your product requires ongoing management, such as web updates, a regular leaflet, blogs or galleries, we like to build systems that enable you to simply and easily administer updates yourself - without the need to pay for site or content changes. Of course we’ll still be on hand to help out if you need something more ambitious!


Design is fun to us! That’s why we’re in this business. We love taking your ideas and turning them into something that reflects your exact needs. Our dream jobs are designing brands and products from concept to completion, but we’re equally happy to get to know your brand too.

Our Process

The world of design can seem baffling at times, with technical jargon, surprise charges and high rates. At Ruspa we aim to always be clear, transparent and fair to all of our customers. We’ve broken down our process and pricing to give you a clearer picture of how we work…

It's important for us to get to know your concept, do some brainstorming and research the market, look at trends and get inspired!


Of course this is where most of our time will be spent: drawing, writing, tweaking, kerning and getting the design just right.

Design time

This is the time when we package up your design and finalise things like printing and web hosting, and get your project all wrapped up.


Our Pricing

We are used to working with all kinds of budgets and to us, a lower budget doesn't mean lower quality. Below is a guide to how our pricing works, but of course, each design will be priced differently depending on factors such as how many web features you want, your deadline or what kind of print finish. We always aim to be flexible and help you choose the right features to suit your product and your budget.


Gather the best plan for your design.

Design Time

Making the perfect product.


Getting you all set up and ready to go!


Working with you on any request you might have to change the original brief and tweak things.

Ways to trim further?

We love the Ruspa logo and we want it to be seen by as many people as possible. If your design can give a home to a small 'designed by Ruspa Creative' logo or link, we can give you a discount.

Charity and non profits

We always aim to give third sector organisation the maximum discount and throw in as many freebies as possible. We like to work flexibly and informally with you to give you the best service. If you think we can help your not-for-profit organisation, please get in touch.


We’re always on hand to chat through your needs and ideas. Get in touch using one of the methods below and we can get the ball rolling!



We love doing illustrations for all sorts of jobs. If you need some editorial illustration to liven up a newsletter, a diagram for a report, or a cover for a book, that sounds like our idea of fun.

Here we have picked out some of our most pure-illustration work to, well, illustrate our abilities. We find all design work draws on our training in drawing and broader illustration skills, but here you can see work where the entire content and style is led by the art direction.

Our services include:

  • Bespoke illustrations
  • Animation
  • Diagrams & Charts
  • Icons & Signage

The Seven Worlds Saga...

Working closely with the author on ‘The Seven Worlds Saga’ enabled us to really engage with the story, characters and themes to create something highly illustrative. Here you can see examples of the final book cover design, along with a custom illustration.

More Examples

Childrens book illustration
Business diagram
Symbols and icons illustration
Childrens book illustration

Charity & Nonprofit

Charity work is great to be involved with. We can use everything we have learnt about selling and conversion to raise money for good causes. But it’s not just fundraising - most charities produce media and literature to inform their donors or members or even as a core delivery. We’ve created accessible videos for the deaf community and newsletters for people with low vision, but the most fun is work supporting events like galas, fundraisers and public engagement.

Our services include:

  • Print & Web Design
  • Printing
  • Email Campaigns
  • Videos
  • Promotional Material
  • Events

Wisley Flower Show

Wisley leaflet

This leaflet was produced for the Wisley Flower Show promoting six charities co-operating across Surrey. This was a fantastic chance for us to explore how to bring together the aims and branding of several different organisations into one cohesive piece of design. Over ten thousand of these leaflets were given out to members of the public and helped to promote the event and spread the message of each charity in the local community.

More Examples

Trifold leaflet example
Flyers and posters examples
Email campaign example
Newsletter example

Logos & Branding

We love designing logos for any type of business or project, and see it as the central piece in crafting a unique and appropriate brand identity. Logos and brand design are how you represent your business everywhere, from annual reports, trade show banners and packaging to the essential stationery like letterheads and business cards.

Brand design also includes colour schemes, typography and style guides. These are what creates a coherent visual message in all the places your business is seen. We can help you create a style guide or adapt an existing one to a new media.

Our services include:

  • Logo & Brand Design and Management
  • Brand Updates
  • Printing
  • Leaflets, Posters, Newsletters
  • Web Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Business Cards, Promotional Material
  • Videos

Folded Heart

We had great fun working with Fi at Folded Heart on a full brand redesign for her papercraft art company. To go with the new logo and website, business cards and packaging design was created to add a professional touch to her brand. View the Folded Heart Website here.

More Examples


The web is so involved in everything we do, it almost goes without mention that your business will want a website. Your website needs to inform and enable your visitors always in the context of your brand and identity. Even more, it has to attract search results, be accessible, easy to use and work with the latest technology. We can make sure your business looks great online while being optimised for all the devices your visitors use with a thorough understanding of modern HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

We have created everything from full websites to email campaigns to individual digital deliverables. Websites and associated digital content need to be on-brand, delivering your message and objective with the visual identity of your business at every point of contact. That’s why we include email, video and social media in this section.

We can build static one-offs in pure HTML5 all the way up to advanced CMS-driven sites. Everything we do is mobile ready, accessible and standards based.

Our services include:

  • Web & Mobile full-site design
  • Modifications to existing sites
  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Registration
  • Ongoing Web Support
  • Content creation

Case Study

website screenshots

We worked closely with international car-rental software company Thermeon to refresh and modernise their brand and website. Working closely with the managing director and tech teams, we began the process with simple wireframe mock-ups before adding copy, branding, optimisation and perfecting the user experience.

One of the key parts of this project was spending time getting to know the business and understanding their services and CARS+ product. This means that we are much better equipped to create engaging, compelling content that increases custom.

More Examples

PR Suite website

Bespoke Invitations and Stationery

Everyone expects custom stationery for a wedding, but what about a birthday party or an anniversary? We have created bespoke stationery for weddings, announcements, parties and events to really take them to the next level.

The best thing about having your own bespoke artwork is that you can coordinate everything - an announcement then an invitation, leading to a seating plan in a decor, with a place setting and a menu, all followed by a thank-you note. These can be printed or sent digitally in email or as an animated picture message, all tying into your event theme to make it extra special.

But don’t worry, one thing we won’t do is put our prices up because it’s a wedding. We’d rather you came back for your anniversary and two birthday parties!

Our services include:

  • Bespoke Invitations & Stationery
  • Animated & Mobile Invitations
  • Co-ordinated stationery and website
  • Printing

Case Study

We created custom invitations and coordinated thank-you letters for an anniversary party. The design matched flowers and balloons decorating each table.

It was a pleasure to be involved with Sue & David's anniversary and we're delighted to have heard from them again when they needed invitations for their grandson's christening.

More Examples


We’ve been involved in producing all kinds of software for business, games and consumer uses on mobile and desktop and even on custom hardware. User Interfaces are where computers meet humans, where abstract technology becomes a useful tool or entertainment. Design for software is more than making it pretty and providing logos, it should define how the software tells the user what is going on and what they can do.

We believe in a design-led approach to producing software and make wireframes, user flows and information architectures to plan and define software structurally as well as high fidelity mockups and prototypes to see and test software more literally.

Our services include:

  • Mobile App Development
  • Bespoke Software
  • User Experience consulting

Dorking Winter Beer Festival

A custom app was created for Dorking Winter Beer Festival 2015 that listed details of all the beers and breweries available and let drinkers rate beers and add comments.

The system was able to show other user’s ratings live as they came in, and update the app when beers at the pump had sold out.

More Examples

iPhone App Example
iPad game screenshot
Game example
Photo of rackmount lighting controller